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Pet-Safe Front Car Booster Seat


Is your dog distracting you when you are driving?

Are you concerned about your dogs safety while driving?

Are you sick and tired of having to clean the car after taking having your dogs muddy paws in the car?

It is actually illegal to drive in Australia with a unrestrained pet in your vehicle, not to mention extremely dangerous. It is our responsibility as pet owners to make sure our pets are as safe and secure as possible while driving. That's where The Pet Store Australia comes in.

Our Pet-Safe Car Booster Seat is designed to keep your dog as safe as possible while also saving you the hassle of cleaning up after your dog!

We believe in our product so much that we guarantee there will be no scratches, mess, odor or muddy paw prints left behind from your pet. 



The Pet Store Australia team has invested a lot of time and effort to provide our customers with the best quality Pet-Safe Car Booster Seat in Australia. Our seats are made from durable and tough material, a padded bottom and breathable mesh to ensure your pet is safely restrained in the comfortable way possible. 

Our booster seats are designed to be a perfect fit for all car interiors, both the front and back seats. 

Our booster seat is 40cm high, 30cm wide and 25cm deep, giving your pet plenty of room. The booster seat is also designed with a non-slip backing to ensure that your pet is as safe as possible during travel.


  Keep Your Pet Safe In The Car

  No More Distractions While Driving

  Contains All Mess!

  1 Minute Set Up

  Durable & Waterproof

  Proven To Reduce Impact In Accidents 

  Perfect For All Small Dog Breeds



  10,000+ Happy Customers!

  Easy To Clean

  Perfect For All Dog Breeds

  Fast And Free Delivery

  Australia Owned And Operated

  Best Price Australia Wide



No tools or special skills are required to install the Pet-Safe Car Booster Seat. Simply unfold the booster seat and then hook the safety straps onto the head rest of the car seat and you're done! Now you have the peace of mind of knowing your pet is as safe and comfortable as possible while travelling.


Why You Should Restrain Your Pet In The Car

Properly restraining your pet in the car is a necessity to the safety of both you and your pet while driving. A study conducted by the RSPCA found that on average around 5000 dogs are injured or killed as a result of not being properly restrained in a car, every year. Unrestrained dogs can also distract the driver, increasing the risk of a car accident. A properly restrained pet cannot move around the car which will reduce distractions while driving.

In the event of a crash, a properly restrained dog has less chance of becoming airborne which will decrease the risk of serious injury to both you and your pet. 

Restraining your dog while driving will prevent your dog from being able to jump out of the moving car.


Help fulfill our mission in helping the animals around Australia. A portion of all our sales is donated to the RSPCA.


Australian Owned & Operated  

Orders are sent from our warehouses in Melbourne & Sydney ensuring you get your product as soon as possible. You will receive your Pet Supplies Australia product within 4-9 business days of placing your order.

We are also now offering Fast & Free Delivery Right Across Australia!


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